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From October 15-26, the Grace, Princess of Monaco exhibition welcomed over 18,000 visitors from around the world.
Here is a selection of comments recorded in the visitors' books and on this website:

Loved being here - merci.
~ Kelly family
Today brought to mind many special memories of Princess Grace and her family. Thank you for creating this outstanding exhibit!!
~ Mary Ellen S. (Doylestown, PA)
Thank you for a wonderful glimpse into a special life that has inspired me for over 50 years.
~ Judy A.
Excellent exhibition, thanks for sharing this with us.
~ Claire H. (London, UK)
This exhibit is as elegant, refined as she was. Thank you for bringing us back to a beautiful and tasteful year.
~ Marcia L.
My girlfriend has so much respect for Grace Kelly, that she flew from Southern California to New York with the sole purpose to visit the exhibition all 3 days that she will be there. Amazing.
~ Sarancha M. (San Bernardino, CA)
Magnificent exhibit! I'd like to see it over and over again.
We've come from California to celebrate with all who remember our american princess. Bravo - it becomes her.
~ Sylvia E.
It was fantastic, I enjoyed every letter that was put on display, thank you for letting us share your princess.
~ Stanley C. (Oceanside, NY)
« Grace » : the name says it all.
~ Lisa G.
A beautiful exhibit of a beautiful person! Thank you.
Incredible experience - Thank you for letting us all get to know one of the world's most elegant princesses.
~ Laura R. (Seattle, WA)
We came all the way from London and loved the exhibition. Thank you.
~ Mike D. & Lisa B.
A princess I regret to have never known but I am fortunate to have met her today.
~ Pamela U.
We traveled from Philadelphia to see this exhibit. It has exceeded our expectations. We are so proud of this Philadelphia girl.
~ Joan & Jim C.
A magnificent exhibit and very comprehensive. I plan on returning for another visit. Grace Kelly was most special and very unique.
~ Angela I. (NYC)
Loved the exhibit. She had such an impact on young women of her (my) generation.
~ Janet T. (Coos Bay, OR)
Very comprehensive, elegantly presented, honoring a remarkable human being. Princess Grace was, truly, the First Lady of the World.
~ Lilia M. (NYC)
This is a great event. Grace made me cry. Congratulations.
~ Ipeh & daughter Petck (Istanbul, Turkey)
Princess Grace beauty, her radiance, her love of family and people, her intelligence are displayed lovingly in this very special exhibit. I had the most wonderful afternoon and thank you and congratulate you!
~ Luz R. (Middle Village, NY)
A stunning exhibit for a stunning mother, princess, actress, and woman.
~ Christina (NJ)
What a wonderful surprise - to come to New York for a weekend and to find this fabulous exhibit! A rare heart indeed, and a fine tribute.
~ Tony S.
Beautiful tribute! It really showcased Princess Grace’s extraordinary life and kind heart. Thank you for this celebration.
~ Lori O.
Well worth our trip from Chicago to see all these lovely items.
~ M+P+M M.
Congratulations for capturing not only a moment in time – but the essence of beauty and grace for a lifetime to come, for others to enjoy. Lovely, really lovely.
The elegance and refined qualities of Grace Kelly come through in this exhibit. Also her down to earth elements are there. Thank you for an excellent exhibit!
~ E. K.
I've been here 3 times. It was a wonderful exhibit. Thank you.
~ Paula B. (Flushing, NY)
I loved this exhibit. The blown up photos and the letters and invitations. Etc. It brought a tear to my eye when I first walked in. I had to choke back the emotions. Good work. The letter from Jackie... Wow!
~ Marilyn P. (NYC)
Like meeting her again!
~ Libby M. (Cherry Hills, NJ)
Wonderful, beautiful, loved it! I've always been in awe of Grace Kelly. I loved being here.
~ Harriet C.
So well done! It brings back many memories of times in my younger years.
~ Bette P. (Darien, CT)
It is an awesome experience to be able to see this beautiful exhibit. Princess Grace's smile is so infectious that almost everyone who were there watching the films and the exhibit were all smiling. I felt as if I was in Fairy Land. Magnificent!!!
~ Rebecca M.S. (Staten Island, NY)
Wonderful - We are very proud of Princess Grace - of Philadelphia.
~ John & Patricia C. (Philadelphia, PA)
We miss your great smile... a lovely exhibit.
~ Rita M.T. (NYC)
Blessed to be able to just be here and view all of this.
~ Judy D. (MI)
I enjoyed the exhibit very much. What a remarkable woman. Monaco won a beautiful Princess when Grace Kelly fell in love with the Prince of her dreams.
~ Lynn S. (NYC)
Brilliant stuff! Takes me back to all of her glamorous work in To Catch a Thief.
~ "Robbie the Cat"

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